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It’s just hard to believe the bad components can be found without sophisticated proprietary test equipment.
I know the feeling. And frankly, I'm sure there's plenty of stuff that can't be fixed without propietary diagrams, etc.

But I can never forget my a/c transformer breaking down in Spain a couple of years ago (and not due to over-voltage, as the thing was 220v-compatible). My friends took me to a back alley where this elder man from the Far East who hardly spoke any Spanish took out a multimeter and started measuring at various points.

He fixed a part which in the U.S. is a standard throw away and replace. Not saying the Kessy situation is exactly the same, as a Kessy is many orders of magnitude more complex than a simple power adapter, but goes to show in someplaces some people still fix stuff which over here is automatically thrown away without blinking twice.
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