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When all is said and done...what else could be said but "Love It".

I work with a bunch of big truck, more horse power, Tim The Tool Man Taylor mentallity guys. Heck I traded in my Yukon V8 for my TReg, a big step down in overall size. I took a little ribbing when they saw me drive in to work with it at first. You know..."nice compact SUV, couldn't handle the grownup size?" But nothing did my ego more good, than when I was driving down the highway with one of my coworkers behind me. We pulled off on to the off ramp and came to a quick stop. He looked over, I expect to give me a quick ribbing, and watched at the TREg started to raise up out of Sport mode. I watched as he mouthed a quick, "what the #@&%?" After pulling into work, my BIG SUV driving coworker came over and was completely impressed with the technology that has gone into the TReg. Now instead of making fun, they are asking for quick tours and test drives.

Every new vehicle has small problems and isms, but this is one heck of a vehicle.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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