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OK try to picture this one!
Night (around 2130), Highway and im flying my new T-rex R5 (just with 10 days then) at 150-160 Km/h (aroung 96/100 mph), suddenly a White Nissan Primera on my tail (I was so in love with the trip that I didnt noticed it coming up!! :drunk: )... by instinct i lift the power - reduced for 120 (65)- and keep on going, the White Primera stays on my tail....further I left the Highway to a normal road.... he follows... as soon as I'm out HWay, Blue Flashlights coming from Primera... Sh.ttt... Cops (highway Patrol undercover ).
I stop, they park on my back!
Both cops (in uniform) walk by. I open the window...

"Good evenin sir! Cant we get a good look at this Beast sir?"


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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