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Hi all,

This is an admittedly odd request should there be anyone in Collegeville, PA area able to assist another Treg owner.

I recently put new Nokian tires on my 04 Treg. Since then I have been getting a lot of noise which is either the new tires or wheel bearing. I am increasingly suspecting the tires as no play in bearings or change in sound when turning.

Before spending lots of $$ at dealer, I would like to verify if it is the tires.

If any willing volunteers, I can bring over my Treg with a couple of floor Jack's and Milwaukee impact wrench so I could swap wheels very briefly. Probably two at a time. It will take only 1/4 mile driving to verify if noise is still there, then will swap back, properly torque and willing to offer a few $ or your favorite 6 pack for the trouble.


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