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Any known 2011-2014 V6 180TDI Issues?

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Hi Guys, after being away in Landcruiser and Amarok land for the last few years, its time to get back into a Touareg. I loved my previous 2, so once again it is the right fit for me.
I have tried to search the forum for any known issues that the V6 180TDI has had in the 2011-2014 year models. I havent come up with any major issues in the searches, but I dont know if that is because there isn't any issues, or I am not searching correctly.
Your help would be appreciated.
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HPFP failures, ad-blue heater and other adblu parts fail too, recall on brake pedals falling off, steering wheel shakes, but only one prop shaft failure reported so far.

Oh, nearly forgot, Tdi may be cheating emissions.
I'll add the struts on rear hatch need to be replaced in some cars. BUT the car is great and I love mine. Buy an extended warranty to be sure.
Nearly 50,000kms (2014) and apart from a minor issue with the two rear passenger door seals which will not bother 95% of owners, it has been perfect. My first Touareg - everything I expected and a lot more. Love the vehicle and what it can do.... on road and off.
90000 kms on a 2012 Touareg and no issues other than routine maintenance .
2012 TDI currently at 98000kms owned it for the past 10,000kms

only problem ive had is with the EGR system constantly throwing a CEL. been to the dealer twice about it, going in a 3rd time after easter.

otherwise a great car and no problems!

I have recently installed an oil catchcan and a fuel separator to try and stop the EGR and the oil blowby problems (so far seem to be keeping engine cleaner atleast)
Most annoying issue I have had is a rubber type squeaking of the sun roof against the rubber seals. Only the passenger side. Right in my left ear when driving - any bump would cause it. I have been driving with the sunroof in vent mode to avoid this. After much angst and stealer ineptitude (another long story) I fixed it with Einszett Gummi Pfledge rubber treatment - $13 AUD.

But the biggest issue you may have is not the car but the stealers. I hope you find a good one for service. The level of ineptitude to the point of damaging my car can be mind bending at times.
2013 4xmotion with 34K. No issues apart from lines across the screen playing audio when stationary. VW couldn't figure it out so they replaced the whole unit. It's been a great vehicle and with only 2 weeks left of warranty i hope my good luck continues!
Get a good warranty going . . . ASAP!
2014 4xmotion about 58k. No major issues except sometimes the media hangs upon ignition, have to step on the brake REAL hard to start the engine and now some shaking noises coming from within the dash. All of which the dealer cannot replicate the problem and have the owner monitor.. *tch*
Seat heater issues. Recently developed some clunking in the steering (believe it is sway bar bushings). Other than that no issues at all. I think the AdBlue issues were largely cleared up by MY13 and newer vehicles.
No problems with mine

168,000km in just over 4 years, including twice to the Kimberley, lots and lots of dirt road travel - car has been almost perfect. Only issue has been a small oil leak at rear end of engine (poor quality seal on timing chain cover) which was fixed under extended warranty.
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