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Vehicle: 2004 Touareg v8

The one night I have the Touareg parked outside, and some butt nugget breaks the passenger side window out.

My searching skills seem to be sub-par this morning. Are there any DIYs about replacing the front door window? Preferably with pics or video?

I have only yet found this:

But was hoping for some photos or a more clear walkthrough. I had to replace the regulator in an old MK4 and i remember that without the user created DIYs it would have been an extreme pain.

Cliff notes for anyone wondering: Butt Nugget immediately went to Jack in the box with the stolen card that was accidentally left inside the vehicle. Police seem somewhat confident they will catch the idiot as they made several other video recorded stops, including a few ATMs unsuccessfully...

Vehicle was parked under a security light, but guess I'll need to do more than that for the future. Had a security camera but as luck would have it two days before I disconnected it to upgrade the wiring to bring it up to code. Work truck was parked right next to the Touareg it but was left alone. Low crime area, just a freak occurrence i guess, but now das womenz is paranoid. Its frustrating as I was just DONE working on the touareg for a while after doing the timing belt a few weeks ago.... guess not.

It was a rough way to start the morning.
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