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John, Nick, Jay (tex nicknames = matthewsjl, makbros, suittman) and myself would like to invite fellow Touareg drivers to an off-road day on the above date at the Paragon Adventure Park at Hazelton, PA ( Paragon AP is approximately 2 hours west of New York City.

Here is the provisional schedule:
Friday 20:00: Meet for food somewhere locally (venue to be decided)
Saturday 08:00: Meet at the Paragon Adventure Park. First time visitors will have to complete paperwork and watch safety videos etc. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.
Saturday 09:00: Set off on the trails
Saturday 12:30: Meet for lunch (venue to be decided - but it will be at the park)
Saturday 13:30: Set off on the trails
Saturday 16:00: Leave Paragon Adventure Park - find accommodation, bar, personal R&R time etc.
Saturday 19:00: Dinner (venue to be decided)
Sunday 10:00: Car mods session, VAG-COM tweaks (for those interested)
Sunday 10:00: Shopping trip starts (for those interested)
Sunday 12:30: Lunch (venue to be decided)

The four of us have all been to Paragon before. It is an enjoyable day and will show you what your Touareg is capable of. Here are our learnings from our previous trip:
- bring whatever food/drink you want into the park. There is limited catering on site (burger bar). The catering is not really accessible while on the trails as it involves a return to the base camp.
- there is a toilet at the main base however, out on the trails there are NO facilities. Bring your own toilet paper with you in the car
- sticking to the correct trail is advisable. Trying to u-turn four Touaregs on a single width trail takes some planning (believe us - we know!). Better still, make sure you have an allocated navigator in the car.
- due to terrain, there may be limited cell phone coverage in the park if you have hand held radios, bring them along.
- having a guide may be advantagous ($150 extra per group of cars - this is optional)

Photos from the previous visit can be found here:

Paragon has some rules - please read:

Costs (
Paragon charges $35 per vehicle, $5 per passenger. Flags are $10.

The Touareg is sufficiently equipped to qualify as being OK as a stock vehicle to enter Paragon AP. Please note the inflatable spare is OK but may prove to be a real pain if you have to use it. Flags can be purchased at the Paragon main base and tow straps at the local Autozone.

The trails are rated using colours (similiar to skiing) - on the last trip, we stuck to mainly green trails but did attempt one blue (partially by accident). All cars survived. The air-equipped Touaregs do have a ground clearance advantage over the steel sprung but this was not a major factor last time. There will probably be some water to ford through. We must travel in groups of at least three and will split if we have a large number where group management becomes easier.

Now for the warning: Paragon AP is a true off-road/ATV park. In some areas, the park is unforgiving and wheels are particularly vunerable to scrapes (all four cars suffered alloy scrapes last time). This isn't intended to put you off coming but be aware that there is a risk of damage when off-road. If you're not keen to take your Touareg off-road, please still feel free to come along - there may be an opportunity to ride along with somebody else (and there is the social gathering afterwards).

It is our intention to stay in the area on the Friday and Saturday nights. We are going to try and secure a reasonable rate at the Fairfield Inn & Suites, Hazleton (# 118 State Route 93, Interstate 81 & Route 93, Hazleton, PA 18201, Phone: 1-570-453-0300). We are also going to research some cheaper accommodation. Paragon also has an accommodation page at:

Although food venues are still to be decided we already have a good idea of where we will be going, We just need a little more idea of numbers before moving forward and confirming anything.

If you're interested, please respond to [email protected] with:
- Touareg version (V10, V8 or V6)
- Colour
- If you will be taking your car off-road at Paragon
- Cell or contact number (can be provided later - I only intend to call if we're trying to group up on the day etc.).
- How long you will be joining us for (we realize some people may not be able to make the whole thing)
- Number of people coming

A follow-up post to this thread would also be appreciated to register interest.


John, Jim, Nick and Jay
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