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Hi all, Great Forum.

I own an 2019 VW Toureg III, had the vehicle from new and its had its fair share of issues :-( but is a fantastic beast for towing.

I have had a fault with the ambient temperature sensor car's dash is showing crazy figures. I'm getting fault code P007200. using an OBDII scanner.
Looks like I need this part Genuine VW - Part Number:8Z0820535 - Sensor, exterior temperature

Can anyone advise if this sensor is behind the grill, how do I remove the grill to get to it?

I found this information on a VW pdf

8.1 Removing and installing ambient temperature
sensor - G17-
– Remove radiator grille ⇒ General body repairs, exterior; Rep.
gr. 66 ; Radiator grille/front trim; Removing and installing radiator
grille .
– Unclip ambient temperature sensor - G17- -1- from bracket
– Disconnect electrical connector -3-.
Install in reverse order of removal, observing the following:
– Check retaining tabs on ambient temperature sensor - G17-
-1- for damage. Renew component if necessary ⇒ Electronic
parts catalogue (ETKA) .
Touareg 2018 ➤
Heating, air conditioner - Edition 06.2018
184 Rep.

Unfortunately, I can't find the General Body repairs document, to help with the grill. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'm getting an
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