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Alternative tire sizes for a 2009 touarg

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I have been told that I can use 265/65/r17 as an alternative to tire sizes vs the original 255/60/r17 size. One of the reasons why I am considering the alternative size; because they are slightly cheaper in cost, better availability and my husband says they would be better tires. I want to make sure the alternative size would fit my Touareg and/ or make sure they wouldn't cause any problems somewhere down the road. Does anyone have any insight into this? Thank you
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Sorry, no valuable input from my side but weird that no-one chimed in yet.

Here’s hoping a bump-up will attract the attention of someone who can give some worthwhile input?

I run 255/55 19 inch tyres on my Touareg. I THINK the OEM size for my car is 265/50. Also non-standard and very similar to the size you consider changing to. OK, more tread width for you and less for me but I mean we are talking less than half an inch here.

From what little bit I think I know it looks like a good option…slightly wider will probably cause a slight increase in fuel consumption because more tread meets the road…but also more grip BECAUSE more tread meets the road. Small price to pay assuming the fuel consumption increase can even be measured in real life terms…and you don’t drive a Touareg for economy now do you?😉

More profile means more ride comfort and the likes. You will be fitting a (very) slightly bigger wheel which may or may not look better in filling the wheel arches…it may (will!) also affect your speedo / odometer since the bigger wheel has a larger circumference…maybe not even by 5% so hardly worth noting or worrying about.

Your local tyre shop should know their stuff and will know if it will work. Well they SHOULD if they are any good. Your worst worry would be tyres rubbing in the wheel arch but you are not going silly wide or large diameter so I doubt you will have any problems.👍🏻
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