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All US e-Golfs being recalled

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Volkswagen's Electric Car Offensive in the U.S. Just Stalled - Fortune

Volkswagen is recalling all the electric versions of its Golf compacts sold in the U.S., after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered a fault in their batteries that makes the car stall.

VW began the recall on March 15, due to “oversensitive diagnostics for the high-voltage battery management system (that) may falsely detect an electrical surge resulting in the vehicle’s electric drive motor shutting down unexpectedly.”
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Statistically, do we know how many of the model 3 preorders were done only because of the tax incentive instead of because how people love the car can bring convenience to their life?

Without a survey like this, any assumption is just... assumption
The government must believe that the subsidies result in people buying e-cars that they would not buy without the subsidies . . . otherwise why have the subsidies.
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