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All US e-Golfs being recalled

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Volkswagen's Electric Car Offensive in the U.S. Just Stalled - Fortune

Volkswagen is recalling all the electric versions of its Golf compacts sold in the U.S., after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered a fault in their batteries that makes the car stall.

VW began the recall on March 15, due to “oversensitive diagnostics for the high-voltage battery management system (that) may falsely detect an electrical surge resulting in the vehicle’s electric drive motor shutting down unexpectedly.”
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The thing the more established auto-maker have been way too lazy with electric tech and instead of relesing products ahead of regulations they still have that tendency to evolve there products only when forced to do it...

Tesla even if they shut down will always be rememberd for being the company who was ahead of there time !
Range from EV cars from all other car makers is a joke when you see what Tesla can do...
Actually, the government did not save GM. If the government had stayed out of it, GM have gone through the normal reorganization bankruptcy process, and would have come out as an operating company with less debt. GM would have survived. What the government saved through its interference in the normal bankruptcy process was the UNIONS involved, at the expense of GM's creditors. In other words, the government picked the winners and the losers, and with a Democratic administration that meant the winners would be the unions. That's almost always the result when the government picks. Politics drives the answer.
Not surprised by this at all, same problem here in Canada, it's been going on from the beginning of the unions, it's called corruption and it's always the taxpayers who end up with the bill at the end..
Anyways that damn E-Golf isn't even available where I live, This would perfectly fit my daily commute needs..
1 - 4 of 93 Posts
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