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All US e-Golfs being recalled

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Volkswagen's Electric Car Offensive in the U.S. Just Stalled - Fortune

Volkswagen is recalling all the electric versions of its Golf compacts sold in the U.S., after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered a fault in their batteries that makes the car stall.

VW began the recall on March 15, due to “oversensitive diagnostics for the high-voltage battery management system (that) may falsely detect an electrical surge resulting in the vehicle’s electric drive motor shutting down unexpectedly.”
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Most I think are bothered by Tesla because the purchase of their product is subsidized by the masses when the people purchasing them are generally significantly above the median income / net worth level. These vehicles are also likely third or fourth cars in these households.

If you take out the tax subsidies and we the people have nothing to do with subsidizing them, then I would be fine with them.

An EV would be good as a commuter, but makes more sense to me to buy an old $4,000 mk4 Golf with a gas 2.0 and a manual (would love a TDI, but that old has a billion miles on them). Odds are the Mk4 will still be on the road ten years from now given how easy that motor is to work on and how old the tech is...
Oh, I'm open. Please tell me why we're giving subsidies to people to buy an e-car?
A powerful group's agenda against independence and freedom in the name of "we know best, you need us to look after you." Now in regards to electric cars (the above goes into everything from food labels to showers you have to runaround in to get wet):

Electric cars have existed for a long time. People have always voted with their wallet for what they buy and it wasn't / still isn't electric. "They" know that we are not dumb enough to buy in masses an electric car with a range less than a 100 year old model T ford (approximately 170-200 miles)...(that doesn't cost more than the median annual salary--Tesla). So...

The subsidy is supposed to sweeten the deal and draw consumers in. Not all at once, but enough to give the e-car a market presence for the next step. Which is: the switch to self driving. This will be "needed" because electrics will have so much weight reduction they are not safe with evil fossil ogre-mobiles... soon our children or grandchildren will grow up and say "my dad / granddad used to be able to drive himself!!"

When we are riding around in community shared / self driving plastic bubbles, we will be able to reflect on the times when we had something: a romance of the automobile and more independence.

It ok if you don't believe this. Just wait and see.
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Just follow the money and power, yes big oil is a cog. Just like the game monopoly, they hold the bulk of the assets in the world and they who who have the assets really control the board. Obviously this isn't your traditional group of people / puppets.
Speaking of the government, here is a song I find hilarious and truthful. You can't help but smile when you listen to it:

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