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All US e-Golfs being recalled

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Volkswagen's Electric Car Offensive in the U.S. Just Stalled - Fortune

Volkswagen is recalling all the electric versions of its Golf compacts sold in the U.S., after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered a fault in their batteries that makes the car stall.

VW began the recall on March 15, due to “oversensitive diagnostics for the high-voltage battery management system (that) may falsely detect an electrical surge resulting in the vehicle’s electric drive motor shutting down unexpectedly.”
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I actually like what Tesla has been doing. They are building electric cars that appeal to a much larger consumer base than just the greenies. They are building electric cars that automotive enthusiasts can appreciate.

This is why it's appealing to me.
- 2.8s 0-60
- Stylish exterior
- Lots of tech
- Luxurious interior
- OTA updates
- AWD option

Seriously, I think Tesla has done a good job of making cars that are marketable to people who want more than just an eco friendly commuter car. Look at any of the other EVs that are made by the other companies and they're lame. I would never spend my money on those boring cars but if I did have an extra $150k to burn on an around town ride, it could be a Model S P90D with ludacris mode. However I don't, so I won't be getting one any time soon.
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