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I thought I'd share this story with all -- it may help some of you out if you bet an airbag light. I have an '04 V8 with mechanical suspension by the way. OK -- so the airbag light came on last spring a month before inspection was due. I bought a obd II code reader and it said that the driver side airbag voltage was intermittent. I reset it. It went away and stayed away for 8 months. It came back a couple of months ago and wouldn't reset. My battery died about 6 months ago and I was busy so decided to have my local Euro car guy fix it. He did so -- 300 bucks, saved me the trouble, worth the effort to me. A couple of weeks after the battery replacement the airbag light returned. Same code -- driver side airbag igniter voltage intermittent, etc. I reset it. It came on a week later. It got to where it wouldn't reset at all so I decided to fix it as a safety issue. I went thru the threads on this sight, and decided to try the wire splice/TSB procedure replacing the 'short' factory connection. I opened her up last weekend, removed the seat and checked all the wires out -- all bundles looked good (no chafing). I noticed the main wire bundle that runs down the left side of the driver seat was compressed -- not well placed apparently when the battery was replaced. When I looked at the guts/wires -- I thought that I should let the pro -- my Euro guy -- do the wire work (safety). Punch line: I checked all the wires out for chafing (none), disconnected, cleaned and re-connected all of the connectors, put the seat back making sure the wire bundles were placed so as to avoid/eliminate undue binding or stretching. I reset the light. Went out and hasn't come back. This is what I wanted to pass along -- wire placement can exacerbate the problem apparently so it may be worth a check. If the light comes back I'll take it to my Euro car bubba and get it fixed once and for all. Best to y'all.
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