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hi all,

I'm a newbie.

I tried to look for a similar topic but couldn't find one.

The car had a problem with the right front level sensor which was replaced with used one (after good 2000 km drive). The sensor failed in Germany on Sunday had to rush for work on Monday morning. No reset or adaptation was performed after the change.

I have now the following errors:
01769 - Sensor for Vehicle Leveling; Front Right (G289)
014 - Defective
00142 - Left Front Dampening Adjustment Valve (N336)
012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit

So now my car sits lower on the right (btw it was the same before the fault and the change). The greatest difference though is in normal mode at around 20mm according to vag com. The left side is up from the standard with around 10 mm and the right side is down with around 10 mm same on both the front and the rear exiles.
When, on off-road or lower than normal mode, the side a are almost identical, but the car cannot rise to X-tra high.

I think about running the calibration and check the outcome...

any suggestions?

Please help!

thanks in advance!
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