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Air Suspension unable to calibrate.

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I'll be brief. I had rebuilt and replaced all 4 bags. Used VCDS to calibrate the heights (497 front 502 rear). Drove the car, worked great. Friend jacked the car up to do some work on it, didn't use jack mode. Running gear fault on the dash, try to recalibrate, half the values are invalid, channel 05 not available. I've searched all over for an answer and every thread about this has been inconclusive. Either the thread dies or someone says "just do it till it accepts it".

I spent about 3 hours now trying all kinds of combinations of auto modes, doors closed, this that the other.

the difference i noticed now is when i start the first calibration, the front lowers, and it wont go back up or do anything, and each calibration sits at "wait" indefinitely. I even let it sit on wait for about 30 min.

The only way i can get the front to go back up is to use basic functions and fill front manually. Pump works, i can hear it, i can fill/drain both front/rear bags and tank. but as soon as i try to calibrate, it just drains the front, and nothing happens after, if i attempt to test all the base values i had before, some say valid, others say invalid, and channel 5 is always unavailable and unable to save.

Has anyone ever found an answer to this yet?
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Yeah the access codes are being accepted, and i can't get the car into jack mode after it was lifted without it. I'll press and hold the jack mode for over 20 seconds with no change, where as before id hold for 5 and it'd engage, im going to fiddle with it some more this evening. I've also be disconnecting and connecting the battery aswell, and yes ive had the engine running while doing the calibration.
I do have a steering angle code, and the other one was 01400 (not calibrated) or something like that i think. But they come right back as soon as i clear them
got the steering code to go, but im pretty sure im having a different issue with the suspension now, which obviuosly i'll have to sort out before i calibrate. for one, the whole car is leaning to one side. The rear driver wheel wont lower at all, it seems to be stuck in the max offroad. even when i used the drain front and rear, the car leans to one side, and the rear driver doesnt drain at all. not sure if its the solenoid valve or a sensor. after draining the system (rear) it will show 0 bar (empty) and the rear driver is still max offroad.

If the solenoid valve sends or releases pressure to each bag, then what does the brass fitting on each bag do? is it just a fitting and nothing more?
I got it to work finally. The rear driver check valve was stuck closed. Once i replaced it, it was able to calibrate.
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