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This is a technical question on my air suspension that I wonder if anyone knows the answer to.

If you look at the schematic of the suspension (seen in the VW mechanic teaching guide), it shows a single air line into each corner air shock. Each line enters through a "residual air pressure valve". question is this....if you're "pumping up" the suspension, i.e. "raising" it, the air flows into the shock and pumps it up. But....if you're "lowering" the suspension, how does the system "vent" air from the shock? Does it "suck" it out? There appears to be no air vent valve on the shock, and the "residual air pressure valve" would seem to indiacate a "one way" pathway into each shock.

Just wondering - I'm a tech junkie and I love the car and am fighting to find as much about it as I can.

Also, has anyone had any luck obtaining a service manual for the Touareg? If so, how and where?

I love the car. It has been wonderful and my wife loves it!


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Your answer its on page 23 of the Touareg Chassi Self study.

"This granulate can, depending on the
temperature, absorb more than 20% of its own
weight in moisture. If the dried air is discharged
(during lowering)
, this air flows back through the
granulate on its way out into the open, and in
doing so draws the moisture out of the granulate
that was temporarily stored there.
Due to this regenerative process, the air dryer
requires no maintenance. There is no changing

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