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Genuine, made in Germany original parts off my 2008 Treg2

-Compressor fits 2004-2010 (according to online forum)
-VW part number 7L0 616 006 F
-asking price $350
-Location is Boston, MA, USA
-The only minor problem is that the bushing needs to be replaced. The compressor is functioning great

-Solenoid Valve block
-VW part number 15-1524-0008.2
-Genuine part made in Germany
-Came out of 2008 VW Treg2- No issues, perfect working condition
-Asking price $150
-Location is Boston,MA, USA

Bundle price for both parts $425

I have a third party warranty on my Treg. Because of the damaged bushing the compressor was not getting the required support and it was more noisy than normal when turning while driving. The local dealer was able to convince my warranty company that both parts need to be replaced due to the noise. The bushing part is $50-60.

Transaction done thru paypal. If you have any problems with those parts I WILL refund your money.

Please see pictures and let me know if you have any questions. Let me know if I am missing any information as it is my first post in "classifieds"


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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