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Hi All,

my first post having just bought my first (used - 2009) Touareg. Great car, but one very annoying issue - the aircon down the left hand side (passenger - UK) always blows cold on Auto setting.Its a dual climate control version. If I crank it up on the passenger side to HI then it pushed out hot air. If I put on demist, I get hot air. I don't think there are any issues with the flap. I have OBDEleven and there are no faults at all on the car. I have gone through the live data settings in 08 - HVAC, and pulled up channel 12 (Temperature) - I get the following...

Left body outlet temperature (G385) = 5.0 degrees centigrade
Right body outlet temperature (G386) = 58.0 degrees centigrade
Left footwell vent temperature (G261) = 86.0 degrees centigrade
Right footwell vent temperature (G262) = 64.0 degrees centigrade

Clearly the 5.0 looks like the culprit, but even so the other temps seem very high. Can anyone confirm what is usual here..

Could it be as simple as a bad sensor, or maybe the control unit is foobarred.

I did check the flaps live data and AFAIK they look to be behaving ok , and doing what they are told - see attachments.

Help from you lovely people would be very gladly recieved!



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My first guess would be that the temperatures are not actually in °Cs, but in °Fs. The 5 is definitely off, and is most likely the result of a bad sensor. Unless you have very different settings for each zone, the temperatures at all outlets should be about the same (give or take a few degrees).

What was the ambient (outside) temperature, and what temperatures were set on the climatronics when you took these screenshots?
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