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Was towing a surge braked trailer the other day (about 1900 lbs give or take, the trailer was empty) and the ball mount slid out of the hitch receiver at 50 mph about 45-60 minutes after leaving the [major trailer rental company] location. The ball mount was still attached to the trailer, which was now being held on to the Touareg by safety chains (2 chains as there were 3, but 1 detached while the trailer was violently swaying from left to right when this happened).

Thankfully, no injuries to us or others on the road (the others saw the trailer and slammed on the brakes in time).

A [major trailer rental company] employee was the one who hooked it all up. Lesson learned-- make sure you check behind "experts" and don't rely on them!

The only thing I can figure is they didn't put the pin lock in place.

By the time we stopped, the pin and pin lock were nowhere to be found on the road. Some guy stopped and kindly gave us the pin and pin lock from his truck. After we moved the vehicle and trailer with the new pin / pin lock, we got off the road (location wasn't safe) and called the trailer company's roadside assistance hotline. The guy they sent out came to the same conclusion-- the pin lock must not have been put on. He re-secured it and we were on our way.

I didn't reach out to their insurance company yet however they've already had a claims adjuster reach out to me.

I'm going to get a damage assessment done at my dealer this week as there is at minimum damage to the exhaust.

Beyond that, any suggestions / has anyone had anything similar happen to them?

I can provide additional details by PM (i'm intentionally trying to keep this account abbreviated pending the outcome of all of this).
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