I have two unopened containers of AdBlue available for FREE to anyone in Perth Australia. (approx: value $60)
Prefer you pick it up from me, but may be able to meet up closer to town.

Backstory - they were to be handed over to a forum member when next he was on this side of the country. Covid/travel plans/etc have now meant that he cannot pick them up.

Free to anyone with a CR Touareg of 210kw or V8 (NOT 190)

Font Gas Liquid Auto part Automotive wheel system
Bottle Liquid Fluid Personal care Gas

These may/may not have use by issues. I cannot determine from the info on the containers.

Hit me up if you're interested, otherwise - off to the dump they will go (shortly)

Call me on Zero 4 Eight 6 Three 6 Nine 0 Two 3 ;)