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FYI, if you're in the U.S., as part of the dieselgate fix and lesser-known Adblue heater fix, VW agreed to refill the DEF on all TDIs for free for 100k 120k miles or 10 years since first purchase, or 48k miles or 4 years since the fix (thanks to SaVAGeSoot for the exact info). I don't recall if that's base mileage, or miles since the TDI fix. Most people should still be within those limits, so they can just take their car to the dealer for a free DEF fillup.

I've only bought my own DEF when I was on a vacation trip and couldn't leave the vehicle at a dealer for a day. I learned my lesson and schedule a DEF top-off before any long trips now.

"But def is def".
DEF is DEF. It's just urea and water at a certain concentration. The problem is urea breaks down over time, so it has a shelf life. You need to take the expire date seriously. (I've heard but can't confirm that the breakdown is due to being light-sensitive. If you're storing leftover DEF, you may want to keep it in a dark place.)

The DEF sold at truck stop pumps is cheaper and easier to fill (and newer since it's sold more quickly). But I didn't feel like unloading a rear full of suitcases at a truck stop, when I could do it at a hotel after the suitcases were in our room. Really wish VW had put the Adblue fill valve in a more convenient spot.
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