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Hello, all!

I bought a jug of OReilly DEF three weeks ago and added it to the tank. This DEF had just been delivered to my local store.

Last week, headed to Gulf Shores for a few days. Got about 100 miles into the drive when I got an "AbBlue 200 miles to No Start" warning. Thankfully there was a VW dealer about 30 miles away, they got me right in.

Diagnosed the code as "low quality DEF". The fix was to empty the tank and refill. Three hours later and $800 lighter in the wallet we were back on the road and the next 1000 miles we have put on the Treg were perfect.

From all that I have read about DEF, it is all the same....32.5% urea and deionized water so I suppose I just got a bad jug of DEF...but I have to admit I am wary of adding non-VW branded DEF after this eventhough my chances of getting a bad jug a second time are very slim. Maybe I should have purchased Peak DEF...I had it in my hand when the OReilly rep told me they had just gotten a delivery....

I love the way the Treg drives and rides but boy, the repair bills are high! My wife really likes it, too, but says one more like the last two (algae in the fuel tank, $1400) and she votes to trade in for a Tiggy. Tiggys aren't bad but they are NOT a Touareg.

Not whining or venting really, just relaying what happened to me.

Damn $800 to drain and refill the DEF tank?
Was a Gasser Treg not an option or was there a reason for going with a TDI such as towing often or mpg?
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