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My issues started with brakes being applied upon takeoff. Intermittent but when it did occur abs light would illuminate as well as the pic of car going downhill.
Then it reoccurred in my driveway and could not drive it after that
Scanned with Vcds and it threw code of left rear speed sensor in abs module as well as transmission module giving code for left rear abs module
Replaced sensor and all was good for a week and noticed cruise would kick off every several miles then back to brakes being applied upon takeoff now abs left rear code again
Have battery voltage at abs plug
Ohm’d out abs cable
In fact abs light goes out when I plug sensor in but left wheel measures 0 Khm while moving

My question to y’all would be possible issue with cv shaft ring
Being active type abs what does the sensor read on axle? Everything electrical seems ok to me
Thanks in advance!!!!
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