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It's named after the nomadic tribes from this region, and the Touareg should be (really) suited for this place. I've just purchased a 2004 Touareg V6 in silver (it's labelled the midrange here), and I'm not entirely sure whether I'm getting buyers remorse, new bridegroom jitters or am just being stupid.

The car comes with standard air conditioning (this is just not right for the Dubai market, VW!), fabric seats (leather gets really hot when it's 50°C outside), air suspension and xenon lights. It's a strange mix, but it's quite nice.

I just love the interior cabin space and I feel quite in control of something a tad more than a car. The seats (manual) are very uncomfortable and very difficult to adjust. In Dubai where probably 50-60% of all cars on the road are SUVs, I find the height more car-like than SUV like. But that's probably because my last cars have been a Range Rover, a Pajero, a BMW X-5 and the last one a really big Toyota Lan Cruiser Prado.

I think it looks amazing, and I'm rather proud of driving it, but wish that the AC worked better and that I wasn't sweating out my pride. At full blast, it's so noisy I can't even talk to my wife in the passenger seat. Or the otherwise awesome sounding stereo is drowned out by the AC noise.
I'm told that the Climatronic system is far better, but I have to insist, this is easily the worst AC I've had in tha last few years.

This is just my first review. Had it only for 5 days. May be my viewpoint will change, and hopefully, for the better. And, the less said for every one else about fuel consumptiojn the better. Gas is cheaper here than water, so it doesn't pinch, but, hey, this VW-T sure is thirsty!
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