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since this is my first post, i'll introduce 18 and i live in long island, ny. i attend college at binghamton university and i have a strong passion for cars. i dont have a car in bing but when im back at home, the main car i drive is a bmw 530 (shes my parents baby, but i love her like the tru sister she is). My dad also has a honda odyssey. Recently when i came home for winter break my dad told me he wanted an suv. I strongly suggested he check out the touareg. After taking him to the delaership he fell in love and decided that he wanted to lease one. now we are waiting for our dealer to find a wheat beige/black touareg v6 with the premium package, epa, and xenons.

since this car is pretty much for my dad i didnt try too hard to make him get what I really wanted (v8 cough). we also decided on no navigation (even though my dad really wanted and needed onee). the reason for this was that we were both less than impressed with the navi in the bmw. we have a navi in the odyssey which is dvd-based and phenomenal. the touch screen is excellent and it works very quickly. I figured the touareg was a euro navi and it would perform similar to the bmw's.

as for the sales experience: The first dealer we went to was quite small and the salesman who helped us didnt seem like he knew much about the car. The lease price he quoted seemed unusually high. Also, we wanted to see a wheat beige touareg but he wouldnt bring it out of the warehouse without putting our credit app in and having a deposit. After feeling pressured, my dad left and we went to another dealership. we arived at bayside VW and the salesman showed us what we wanted to see and we were happy. Now we are just waiting for them to find my dad's T-reg.

i had a chance to test drive the v6 t-reg and i expected at first that there wouldnt be enough power. My dad's minivan is a 3.5 liter 240 horsepower family hauler. I thought a 3.2 liter 220 hp t-reg would be toooo slow. But it was surprisingly okay. The lights inside the t-reg are beautiful. The ride is very comfortable and it is very quiet inside. My family has never owned a VW so hopefully it will be a good experience for us.

The main thing i was disappointed by was that the non-navi t-reg has no aux input (for my ipod). Also, i wished some of the options in the v8 were separated. this might have made it easier for my dad to lease a v8.

the pricing we received was 622/mo 36months, 53% residual, .0017 money factor, msrp 39,165 ($0 down).

Are there any suggestions you guys have about what i should tell the dealer before i take delivery? Should i push for any freebies or should i mention any small things for them to do before i pick up the car? I dont believe they put dealer badges on their cars so that won't be a problem.

i should be a frequent member on this board and i look forward to reading new posts everyday :D


edit: my dealer did mention the price hike. All touaregs that are already built and are in the US will not be affected by the price increase. However, if you order a touareg now, then you will have to pay the higher price. So if you are planning on buying a touareg for the old price then you will have to choose among the ones that the dealer has or can get from other places.

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:D Buy the Treg - the v6 is fine - it always wants to drive to 80 - 85mph-
if you live to NY area - try to get two tt three thousand off - hope this helps

Roland - NY
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