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I have had a loud wind whistle which occurs around 25-35 MPH.
It was driving me crazy!
At first I had thought the whistle was coming from the right front wheel, but, in fact, it was coming from the roof rack when the two racks are together in the back: Removing the roof rack stopped the whistle.
I have the premium package's silver roof racks, if that makes a difference.

After some experimentation, I was able to completely eliminate the wind whistle with the roof racks ON as follows:

1) put the roof racks on with front and back racks together in the back of the car (like a spoiler).
2) put 1/2" electical tape across the top of the roof racks so that the
tape covers the space between the two racks.

I rarely use the roof racks, so this is not a major inconvenience; however, I like the look of the car better with the roof racks on. I carry a roll of the tape in the car just in case. This is a simple and fast fix and so far the tape has stayed on for 400 miles. The tape also greatly reduces the different kind of "howling" wind noise that I had noticed at very high speeds. In my experimentation, though, I've noticed that that my Touareg handles better and feels lighter or more unburdened without the roof racks. Still, I keep them on though.

I've heard comments that the Porsche Cayenne racks -- which fit the Touareg -- do not whistle. On the other hand, the Cayenne racks do not have flat insides and therefore do not fit together like a spoiler in the back. They also look cheap, compared to the Touareg roof racks. Also, I've noticed that most Cayennes do not have roof racks on -- which says something to me. So, I had discarded this option early on.

I like the look better with the roof racks apart, but the "howling" with them apart is too much for me to bear. I would appreciate any comments on a fix to the wind howl with the racks apart.
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