Ok. After 3 Toaureg TDI's I have decided to say goodbye.
I have a lot of left over parts brand new.

Pictures coming but unless stated, all parts are NEW. Some of the smaller items I will ship for free within the US.

All prices are Firm

  1. Full set of Bilstein B4 shocks- $475.00
  2. 4x Upper Shocks mounts- FEBI- $24 each
  3. Alex's 2" lift spacers- $150
  4. Front 330mm Sebro Rotors- $150 for the pair
  6. Pagid Front Pads-
  7. Kufatec Bluetooth A2Dp kit- $225.00 (in box purchased 4/27/22)
  8. 2L of Rear Diff Fluid- OEM- $20 for both-SOLD
  9. 1L of Transfer Case Fluid- OEM- $15-SOLD
  10. OEM Roof (7L) Bars in Box- $170.00
  11. 5L Motul 5W-30 Oil (TDI)- $25
  12. -
  13. Right Side 7L Mirror glass- $15
  14. 4x TDI Oil Filters- MAHLE- $9.00 each
  15. MANN Air Filter- SOLD
  16. O2 Sensor 059-907-807-H- $80.00
  17. -
  18. -
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