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Hello all, first of all thanks for existing. According to everyone around me I'm not being too smart in buying a T1 2006 V10 TDI. I beg to differ however, as I am buying with my heart and not my head. So what could go wrong right?? And that V10.. on a lady car that reminds of our Order's female patron Mary Magdalene.

I pickup this 123000 km car on Thursday, time for the dealer to get it passed for ITV/MOT'd. And change some minor things (tail and bonnet lifters), plus a service. I get 1 year warranty included in the 5200euro price tag.

Catch is, this vehicle has a known electronic fault. Apparently the engine drops to 140 hp when this fault occurs (1 bank of cylinders?). The diagnosed sensor (one above the transmission,) was replaced along with the part itself. This is all the information I have for now. And I am preparing for this problem: Thanks to the information on this forum I know to get VCDS. But until this arrives I have a Ancel VD500 diagnosis scanner and eraser because, apparently when this fault shows one needs to pull over, wait for the engine to cool and then reset the error code.

Oh, and this vehicle was sitting in a warehouse for 10 years. But the dealer has had it for a year. I'm guessing he was trying to fix the above mentioned fault before selling it at double the price, but he has given up. He has been honest so far, in fact he was about to take it off the market. I promised not to bother him should this particular issue arise.

I feel optimistic about this car. And I have decided to approach this as if I were buying a used aircraft (maintenance wise). I was a pilot, so I have a certain mindset when it comes to doing things the correct way. And from what I've learnt thus far, is that most Touareg buyers have not. (Other than booking with VW for the factory warranty recalls. Most do not realise that a certain responsibility is required with certain machines.)

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.

Happy new year 2020 everyone.
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