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I just picked up my car after some work was done. Dropped it off Monday morning, and was driving a POS Chevy Colorado extended cab pickup from Enterprise. 3000 mi on it, rental paid by the dealer. Rides like a horse, handles like a rock. I am sooo happy to have my Touareg back!

Work performed:
- 5K service. Oil change: 7Qts ZVW-352-540-S Oil, and 021-115-562-A Filter (+ a washer). $109.45 parts and labor.

- Drive side airbag and wiring harness to clear Airbag fault. No charge. Airbag warning is off now, but time will tell whether the fix sticks or not.

- Dash rattle. Plastic part below curved instrument cluster cover was loose. No Charge. Seems tight now, but time (and pot-holed roads) will tell.

While there, I had a chat with the service tech. He just got notice today about three Control Unit software flashes to be released soon. One was the new transmission software discussed on another thread. The others were about the transfer case and stepper motor. He doesn't have the software yet, but he said he'd let me know when it was available.

He also said that he had just done another remote range TSB. Instead of leaving the wire up behind the dash, he routed it up into the instrument cluster cover. Range was at least 75 ft, even with parked cars in the way. I think I'll have him do this to mine next time I take it in.
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