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3L TDI / CATA / CNRB - VCDS chain stretch

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This post might just break this forum, as just about anyone I've ever met with a 3L TDI wants some sort of ability to check the potential doom of their timing chain skipping.

Since there aren't too many users reporting values at the moment, I will keep updating the table for now to provide an easy to read reference.
UserEngineOdometer (k)Adaptation (º)START Rattle (Y/N)OCI (k)
buckwheatCNRB119-4.7Y10, 6.7
Tyler ScalzoCNRB102-2.9?7.5
77 K20CATA198-3.19N8.5
The following information is what I've learned from reading way too many posts on the subject.

I strongly suggest that anyone with the ability to post their own details contributes to this so that we can come up with some consensus of potential feasibility.

Here are my values.
CNRB with ~150k (km)
I don't have any noticeable rattle or noise concerns.
You want your engine warmish fully warmed up before taking the reading.
Address 01: Engine (7P0 907 401 K)

IDE00021 Engine RPM 713 /min
IDE00025 Coolant temperature 61º C
IDE00182 Camshaft adaptation intake bank 1: phase position -4.15º
IDE00196 Engine oil temperature 59.1º C
You're interested in the adaptation value. Ideally, it's zero, but as your chains wear, they will get noisy and once you get around -8 to -9 you can expect a failure. At that point you should have a significant amount of rattle, especially on cold startups.

People with short OCIs and quiet chains report being around the -5 value at about 100-120k miles.

Post your details and let's see if there's any truth to these rumors!
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Your factory powertrain goes from date of manufacture
of course😔. Thank you for clearing That up. Now I know I am more time limited than mileage limited.
Thanks for this, adding my values:
current mileage - 152000miles.
adaptation value - -1.5deg
reading taken about 5mins+ after cold start
coolant 49degC, oil temp 35degC, ambient 22degC
No discernible rattle/noise on startup
Car is new to me, got it at 145k and changed oil @148k. OCI unknown, I will be doing 7500miles.
Blackstone analysis showed normal wear.
Current mileage 209472mi/337119km
Engine RPM 781
Coolant temp 37C
Camshaft adaptation intake bank 1 -2.97 deg
Engine oil temp 36.9C

original owner 2015 TDi Exec
Malone Stage 2 for ~150k mi.
No more rattle now then since diesel 'fix' over 100k ago.
Current mileage 209472mi/337119km
Engine RPM 781
Coolant temp 37C
Camshaft adaptation intake bank 1 -2.97 deg
Engine oil temp 36.9C

original owner 2015 TDi Exec
Malone Stage 2 for ~150k mi.
No more rattle now then since diesel 'fix' over 100k ago.
inyeresting, you’re OG owner and you’ve done 210K in 7ish years. So you’re a highway warrior. Kinda proves the point how well these do over time when used for their purpose
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Added..... as an interesting side note, I'm seeing that we are all over the place with our "fully warmed up temps".
I don't know what the readings do as the engine warms up, so I will take another reading on mine when showing "fully warm" on temp gauge to see if it changes much.
yeah, I didn't bother to warm it up. started it, idled a few minutes and took readings. Not the best at following directions. ;)
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I took another reading this morning after pulling into work.
My value is even lower, so this should be enough incentive for you slackers to allow the engine to fully warm up!
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Update on mine. Yes, I have timing chain noise on start-up. I was running 10,000 mile oil intervals to 90,000 miles, but I have been on 6,700 mile intervals for the last 30,000 miles. My reading was after a 220 mile highway run, so fully warmed up.
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Just checked. CATA 120k miles. -2.3 at idle 180 temp.
no rattle that persists or really noticed
Year and OCI?
2012 i just got it. But the OCI service records look to be about every 10k going back to 80,000
Will add you to the table when I get to a computer... Doing it off my phone is a pain
@alfissimo did you hear anything back from Ross-Tech? I would like to check mine if you get an update that allows it. I hope they will push it out to everyone. I have a 2010 CATA that is like yours - no data on Advanced Measuring blocks screen.
Can you post this section from your autoscan? I have a suspension.
(here's a sample from my scan)
Address 01: Engine (J623-CNRB) Labels:. 059-907-401-V2.clb
Part No SW: 7P0 907 401 K HW: 7P0 907 401 K
Component: 3.0TDI FSA H21 0011
Revision: 56H21--- CVN: E7FCBDE438D3FF8238D3FF820E1FC39E
Coding: 292A4012233600050000
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