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Well, here goes my review for anyone who may be interested...

Apart from one minor problem with the battery (as posted in the relative forum) I am very satisfied from my Treg considering the problems that I have read in this site and how complex the car is.

The ride is comfortable, quiet and there is a feeling of power & safety at all times. The space inside is more than enough for my family needs with plenty of storage space for small items.

The transmission (6 gear tiptronic) is not as I expected when I read about it. It's not the gear ratios but rather when they change. "D" changes too early (economy?) requiring many "kickdowns" while "S" keeps the gear almost up to the redline. I very seldomly find myself changing gears on my own.

It's handling is simply perfect! Especially in tight turns. Let's not forget its weight and high center of gravity. I recently drove my father's Volvo XC 90 (fine car, easy to drive, but not a TREG!) and found myself struggling to control a very dangerous understeer. I haven't yet seen its serious offroad capabilities but from what I've seen so far, very few cars can follow the Treg in difficult terrain.

The features/extras & how they work:
1. Electric + heated seats: ok
2. Electric sunroof: ok
3. 2C Climatronic: just fine. Have it at 21.5C Rarely change the settings.
4. Park Sensor F/R: Works perfectly. Luckily they have a switch cause it gets annoying in traffic.
5. Rain/Light Sensor- "Coming Home": Works fine. When I enter a tunnel lights immediately turn on and then off when I'm out. Rain sensor in general does the job however I sometimes find it cleaning the windshield when there's just a hint of water (sensitivity was "low").
6. CD changer: Works fine. Sound system is very good for my standards.
Radio reception is excellent.
7. Cruise Control: ok
8. Rear Electric Hatch: Secures the otherwise heavy door fine.
9. Bi-Xenon Lights: The best I've seen so far. They make day out of night! Saw some condensation on the right front fog light, however.
10. Hitch: Very easy to hook up to the car.
11. Alarm: Works fine in general. Tried to press the "someone-in-car" function found on the driver's side column but it didn't work. Had to set it from the display.

Lastly, the air suspension (love that extra! :joy: ) is very helpfull. I go from Comfort to Sport to Auto whenever I please. Fantastic.

In general a very, very good car. The only basic disadvantage is its weight. This has its toll on two important issues: consumtption and acceleration.
Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

P.S. I have intentionally left out many other details to keep this as short as possible.

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Thanks Johnny. Congradulations on yours as well!

I've put 10,500 km on my Treg now and its doing just fine. A couple of glitches that were fixed just by restarting the car haven't bothered me.

Enjoy the ride!

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