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Touareg MY2013 - CRCA
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Hello guys,

can u please help me out? I got P242B error code but I cannot figure out, which part code is related to S3 sensor. First time it was about week ago when windshield got replaced. After clearing it came up again after approx 2 weeks.

13811 - Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor; B1 S3
          P242B 00 [237] - Range/Performance
          MIL ON - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 00000001
                    Fault Priority: 2
                    Fault Frequency: 1
                    Mileage: 159695 km
                    Date: 2021.05.05
                    Time: 07:52:29

                    Engine speed: 0.00 /min
                    Normed load value: 0.0 %
                    Vehicle speed: 0 km/h
                    Coolant temperature: 13 °C
                    Intake air temperature: 14 °C
                    Ambient air pressure: 980 mbar
                    Voltage terminal 30: 10.740 V
                    Unlearning counter according OBD: 40
                    Temp sensor for EGR after cooler: raw value: 18.0 °C
                    Coolant temperature at radiator outlet: actual value: 12.4 °C
                    Exh.gas temp.sen 3: 66.8 °C
                    Exh.gas temp.sen 2: 222.0 °C
                    Outside air temperature: 13.0 °C
                    Exh.gas temp.sen 1: 17.3 °C
                    Exh.gas temp.sen 4: 222.0 °C
When I got replaced timing chains, shop cleaned DPF filter and replaced exhaust temperature sensor with part number 059906088BR. In attachment, there is a tech tip with part numbers and locations. Engine CNRB and CRCA should be esentially the same, but part numbers does not match (last 2 letters). Maybe they updated it from BP to BR.

I will try to pull it out, check wiring and clean it. Can someone please check part numbers in ETKA?

Many thanks!


Touareg MY2013 - CRCA
143 Posts
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Hi, I have the same fault. Did you replace yourself and if so, OEM or aftermarket? Thanks.
I got advice to go with only OEM. So I did. I found new unit on eBay for 420eur. Replacing is easy but you have to do it with proper tool.
Otherwise there is possibility to damage hexagon and sensor will stay there.

Check this out: Lambda probe set
To replace nox sensor u will need lower row of this toolset. Keys on the lower row are the same, only height is different.
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