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3.0 V6 2006 Touareq Glow Light and Exhaust Worskhop Light

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I got a 2006 3.0 V6 Touareq with the glow plug light flashing and saying exhaust workshop also its in limp mode. I did check it with a OBD2 scanner and it gave me the code P2002 Trap Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1, so I looked it up and said it can be a bad DPF Sensor or the DPF itself. I changed the sensor and erased the codes but its coming back, also the dpf light is not on. Can someone please tell me what to do please.

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You need to use VCDS for a full scan.
Yep I will try to find a garage that can check it.

Don't know where you are but a number of members on here have VCDS and offer their help to others.
I went to a garage they checked it with a VCDS and they are telling me that the DPF Filter is clogged, but the light is not on for that? Also they are telling me that a pipework is broken. I live in the UK near Gatwick Airport.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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