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3.0 TDI Touareg - Prop Shaft Centre Bearing and Mount Failed

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See I am one of many to have my 2007 Propshaft Centre Bearing Rubber mount fail and really need help.

Was 10 minutes away from boarding a ferry today with family when we heard the vibration and clunking noise. Called out the Breakdown service and they confirmed and showed me under the car that the rubber mount has perished and searching on this forum it seems it is a popular failure. Its Sunday and course everywhere is closed. I am desperately trying to locate someone somewhere in London or Home Counties that just; yes just may be able to help and advise me of someone or somewhere I can go too tomorrow to get this done? Then we can get back to setting off on my trip.

ANy help from you lovely people would be appreciated
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Do a search on "hydraulic 18mm hose" for a temp fix. You cut out all the bad rubber around the bearing, cut up 18mm hydraulic hose into 4 equal sections about 3 or 3.5" long, and zip tie them into place for a short term temporary fix, until you can have it replaced good and proper.
Try posting on the UK Touareg site too:

See post #8 here for someone at Feltham:

Which port are you at?
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