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Hey guys, don't judge me, haha. I'm thinking about making an intake to run from the stock air box to the driver side fender, and making a heat shield on that side. I don't do off road activities so I'm not worried about that. I would love to gain the "sound" of the turbo more than anything, and maybe free a couple ponies.

There is a nice circle already there in the stock air box, just would have to Dremel it out and ad some piping to the other side of the car. Add a high flow dry filter (not K&N) and call it a day.

I also plan on upgrading turbo before the next year is over, so stock box may not be best. Also this could be easily reversed with a simple cap over the box of the way I'm thinking works out.

What y'all think
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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