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We have decided to sell our treg and move into something with better gas mileage. We are going to put the old tires back on it and sell these.

  • Purchased new from TireRack and they have 9000 miles on them
  • Driven by a very conservative driver and they've never seen dirt
  • I rotated them about 4000 miles ago so the tread-ware is even across all tires
  • NO RUBBING ever. This was on a V6 treg with coil suspension
  • No plugs, patches, chunks missing, and no sidewall damage from curbs and the like.
  • These are dead quiet for their tread pattern. I guess that's why they call them silentarmour

I would really like to sell these to someone who is local, but I am willing to ship them at your cost. I will drive up to about 100 miles to meet you somewhere.

Price is 500 but I will entertain other offers. I'd like these out of the garage because they are massive!!

How to reach me:

  • Email me at [email protected]
  • Text or call me at 630-947-3875
  • You can PM me on here, but I don't check it that often.

Pics: I don't have any pictures off the car but I can get them. Here are soem I took this summer:

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