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Hi folks,
In a week's time I'll be picking up a demo MY15 V6 Touareg in Canyon Grey with the Technology Pack installed. Got a great deal on it and finally convinced the missus that the VW's are far superior to the rubbish Toyota's she is in love with!

As it's a dealer demo it's already been run in and was first registered in Sep 2015 so will have ~2.5 years of warranty left. The question I have for you all on the forum is;
1 - What should I look for when buying from the dealer? I already have the following:
a) Auto-locking OFF
b) Unlock all doors on first unlock command ON
c) Emergency wind down all windows OFF
d) Possible to have the latest map updates loaded on to SatNav?
e) Any software updates/recall’s before we take it off the lot?

2 - Where is the best place to get a towbar fitted in Oz? ARB or dealer?

3 - What (if any) accessories have people purchased?

4 - Can you buy iPhone mounts specifically for the Touareg?

Can't think of anything else!
Thanks for the advice. :)
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