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Hi guys,

I have the v8 2015 Toureg TDI (New Zealand) and wanted to know if it is possible to:

1) Have the spot lights come on with the headlights when they are set to run automatically?

2) I note the stereo system has capabilities to insert a mobile sim card - into the unit in glove box. I tried inserting a sim card and noted that if you do this, the hands free system that usually connects to your cellphone wont work, the calls you make will be off the sim card account you put into the stereo.

The sim card I used is a data only sim so yo cannot make calls from it.

My question is - can you set the system up so that you can still make calls from the bluetooth connected phone?

And also, how do you enable google maps? Are there any other features about this entertainment system that are enabled with mobile data?

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