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I have the Vagcom software and needed cable to connect to our '15 Touareg. I've reset the 20K service/inspection, but thankfully have never had any other issues to troubleshoot as of yet.

I also have a '12 Passat TDI SEL. When the vehicle is running, I can lock it to keep alternator going, heat/ac going, and not worry about theft while parked at emergency scenes (volunteer Firefighter). Upon return to the car, the Kessy door unlock and remote both work.

On our '15 Touareg, once locked, there is no way to get into the vehicle when running other than take the emergency access cap off the door handle, and use the emergency key.

I'm told by the dealer that the antenna/receiver is disabled for entry when the vehicle is running. Does anyone have any idea how to make that receiver active, whether the vehicle is off or on, to allow locking the car while still running, but access it either with the door handle un-lock or remote?

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