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2015 TDI - Post fix issues

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I decided to look into the settlement offered for my 2015 Execline. TDI.

What caught my attention was the variables of decreased mileage,horsepower & torque, that VW accepts as "normal." Losing up to 5% of any of these is significant, and upon searching the web I've found many postings of unhappy owners after doing the fix.

Has anyone completed the new software upgrade for the Gen 2 3.0L ?
VW is offering my $7525.00 dollars but if the vehicle is less fun to drive and
post update makes my want to sell it, then $7500 bucks is pointless...
Unless it prevents me from selling in the future or failing an emissions test when due.

Anyone ?
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Hi Corky,
I got the post emissions recall "fix" with a reflashed TCM. The shift pattern is back to pre fix and sport mode restored. I am unable to comment on mileage and torque. I have not driven enough since.
Here in Europe we get nothing, zilch, nada for fraudulent VWs!

But you get $7,500 just for getting your car "fixed"?

Get the fix, grab the cash, and then spend $500 of VW's moolah getting it remapped!!!
Keep in mind that there doesn't seem to be any indication of how Canadian provincial governments are going to handle unfixed vehicles. At least not in Ontario. In the US it's clear that they either want the cars fixed or off the road and won't renew registrations if the car is not fixed.

In Ontario, technically we could renew our stickers as long as there are no errors codes since we don't do "sniff" tests anymore. But that doesn't prevent the government from obtaining vins and flagging and require proof of fix prior to issuing the sticker.

Worst case scenario is you don't take the fix + $$ and you have to pay to have it fixed out of pocket in order to renew the sticker. Getting the fix and then the fix for the fix seems to be the best alternative.

I picked up a 2013 after selling back my 2010 and I am satisfied with its performance and fuel economy. The jurry is still out on adblue usage.
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Can anyone compare the pre-recall with post recall driving experience? When I bought mine it had the recall performed already so perhaps I'm missing something and don't even now it...
My experience is comparing my 2012 TDI with my "new" 2016 as a result of the buy back . The only difference is Tranny holds gears longer when the engine is in warm up phase. Once warm it is the same. I have now driven 5000 miles including a 1500 mile trip and the power and mileage is basically the same. You get all the torque you love from the get go and when I tow my boat it is the same. Don't believe all the stories you read in some web sites, not true. I don't know if ad blue consumption changes since I haven't seen a call for the ad blue to be added on the MFD.
The only difference is Tranny holds gears longer when the engine is in warm up phase. Once warm it is the same.
^^^This (2nd gear holds to 2,500 rpm), plus occasional slight diesel clatter, plus huge DEF consumption when pulling a trailer. No fuel economy or performance difference.

$10K was definitely not pointless.
The only difference is Tranny holds gears longer when the engine is in warm up phase. Once warm it is the same.
This is false. Shifts are much lazier, and when accelerating from low speed/coasting, it holds current gear way too long, then finally downshifts. With my pre-fix TCM flash, its a completely different vehicle. the "fixed" tcm flash is garbage.
I can say towing @4500 lbs or perhasp @5000 lbs box trailer with a post fix the DPF consumption is about 2.5 gallons every 800 miles (perhaps less) and economy ranges depending on trailer type. Towing a 24' box trailer I got 10.5-11 mpg.

Towing a smaller Uhaul 16' trailer the same basic trip I got 16-20 MPG with an average of about 18 MPG. Not bad for a @3200 lb box trailer. No idea how a boat or open utility trailer would be.

But on a 1500 mile trip I found I added DPF 1 time during the trip assuming I had a a half full tank when I started. Considering I've found DPF at auto stores to be $10-$12 it doesn't bother me at all really.

However on the road DPF can be $18-$20 for 2.5 gallons. My advice when towing a trailer is to grab some DPF from your local store where prices are $10-$12 and throw it in the trunk or in the trailer and add it when it asks.

Not a huge deal. My only complaint is I wish there was an easier way to fill the thank than lifting the spare tire lid. I guess I COULD add an aux fill port somewhere with a good quality cap, But I'm not sure it's worth the time.
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There was definitely a performance drop after the fix, 0-60 dropped close to a full second. Also dont forget we get free adblue fills if it runs low between service. Not that you can pop into a dealer if towing on a long road trip, but may be an option depending. I've always had the dealer do the adblue, they would only charge me about $11 to fill it!
I have gotten conflicting reports from dealers on the AdBlue fill-ups.

At scheduled oil-change time, definitely free fill-ups. All other times, no - at least according to one dealer.
Funny, mine said I had to pay at service intervals and was free if it ran out between.
Is Add Blue really that big a deal to buy? Honestly I think filling it is a little annoying as you have to remove the 30 something pound spare tire. But beyond that if you buy the 2.5 gallon DEF fluid bottles with the long flex straw filling takes about 5 minutes once the spare is out. I never thought twice about the $10-$16 it costs. Just part of driving the vehicle.
I position the spare so I can get to the AdBlue cap between the spokes. A long funnel or the flex spout fits in no problem.

Since the fix on my 2014 3.0 TDI, I see/much higher (2X) AdBlue use towing. The up-shifting is delayed during warm-up and the torque converter doesn't lock up until water temp is near normal. Only a minute or two even in cold winter weather. It's different than as delivered but not objectionable. Shifting is not noticeably different once at normal operating temp. By selecting "S" or engaging CC, shifting seems no different than original regardless of temperature.
I had all the same questions you have. I was quite concerned especially as I believe I am more sensitive and tuned into how my vehicle works. I have a 2014 though and there are some subtle differences vs. the 2015/2016s it seems.

I got my emissions fix performed last month. Since I am second owner I am only entitled to ~3500 Canadian dollars. I was pretty mad that USA owners were getting 5X's that or more. But, life goes on.

I got the fix done last month after waiting about a year and reading reports. I decided that the warranty and the $3500 box was worth it and if worst come to worst I'd do the trans tune and a Malone ECU tune (although that has warranty considerations). I am happy to report, that on my vehicle, I am not unhappy with the emissions fix. Yes I notice the trans program but I don't notice anymore noise. I do notice up to 10% less fuel economy but we just had a cold snap too.

What I notice most is increased cold idle requiring much more break pedal pressure to keep her stopped at stop signs.

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I'm following this. I have a 2016 unfixed. I thinking making the move on the fix. I heard the differences are more subtle for 15' et 16' fix then previous years. Anyone can confirm that?
I guess I'm not as sensitive to the changes. What would you buy now if you are unhappy with your fixed TREG? All the gasses get horrible MPGs if they are capable of towing a size trailer or boat.or they cost $25k+. Any ideas?
Not noticing any real performance decline. Still drives well and tows well. Mine was "fixed" in late 2017. Took the money and the fix.

With a COLD (think winter) engine, it holds gears longer, higher engine rpms, until warm. This is likely so the engine heats up faster to reduce emissions. After it's up to temp, normal behavior. It's noticeable on my morning commute in the winter, which is only about 9 miles. The EGR is being worked hard during warm up. This is part of the VW fix. MORE EGR to warm up the engine faster.

I never really used sport mode, so I have seen no difference.

The is a definite reduction in engine braking, about half of what used to be a nice feature that saved brakes, now there's less. Not annoying, but it's there.

Absolutely uses more AdBlue!! I would say AT LEAST double the usage as pre-fix.

My emissions inspection is due in a month or so. It's purely OBD2 plug in for codes, and a visual inspection for the cat converter and DPF. I am contemplating a tune (as long as it does NOT throw any codes).
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snip....By selecting "S" or engaging CC, shifting seems no different than original regardless of temperature.
Ignoring driving characteristics and extra wear items the issue I would have is the increased cost of fuel/adblue (through higher usage of course). One of the reasons I purchased the TDI Treg was due to the reasonable fuel costs of the TDI compared to similar sized SUVs with a gas engine. The problem with using S mode to compensate for lack of power is that it pushes the shift points up the rev range. As soon as you put it in S mode the fuel usage increases and the difference over time will add up to a significant amount.

When I bought my 2010 I calculated that the better fuel consumption alone would pay for the vehicle in about 10 years. According to my calculations, the restitution amount after the fix would have only covered the increased cost for about 5 years and that was at their stated difference which appears to be below actual values. Fortunately, I was able to sell it back to VW for a higher price than I bought it for given I bought it used.

I have decided to buy a 2013 because my buyback amount covers the cost plus extra fuel costs and I was ok with the performance of the car after the test drive. I'm happy with the mileage as the 2013 is significantly better on fuel consumption even postfix than my 2010.

As money does matter to me I would be pretty unhappy if I had bought the vehicle new and the fix reduced performance and to add insult to injury it cost more on fuel.
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Do you think they will offer more to the people who hold out till last month of FIX date? I am in no hurry got long mileage triple AAA to tow me to a dealer if it breaks prior to the extra FIX warrantee.
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