NO SMOKERS!! Super CLEAN!! Low Mileage!!! Only selling because my family is growing beyond five seats. This gem of a vehicle is perfect for adventure, sporty drives with the Panoramic Sunroof, grocery hauling, reliability for getting you to work or events, and super advanced for it year make of 2014!

It includes easy link Bluetooth for iPhone or Android, back up cameras, 360 degree cameras for parking, auto tilting side view mirrors, heated front and rear seats, plush non-cracked leather, and some secret compartments for storage and a private CD/DVD Player!!

Smooth and quick acceleration matched with excellent German handling and engineering get you going when you need to go and stopping on a dime when the unexpected happens. Airbags and child safety restraints, topped with a dense and practical passenger compartment will help protect you and your family on the road. LED Lighting and headlights that turn left and right to light your way! Safety, Comfort, Exhilaration, and Class