I have a 2014 Touareg X TDI named Gretchen 191k miles. Night Blue Metallic with Black Anthracite
I am the second owner. I bought her through a dealership with CPO. Purchased June 2019 with 68k. Garage kept upon her arrival to me. Never been hit or damaged except maybe some A-hole and their shopping cart. She was never turned in or sold back to VW, she didn’t sit in the desert collecting dust. No modifications or tunes have ever been done except the diesel gate requirements. Whatever she needed she got from my dealership in service and parts. Oil, filter, fuel filter, etc. regularly changed. She has driven many trips with long highway commutes during her time with me. No short distance shopping runs for her. She is a work horse as you all know.

THE BAD. Depending on how you look at it

Dealership tells me Gretchen has suffered a catastrophic fuel pump failure and their fix is out of my $ range. Frankly if I had the $, she’d be fixed and in my garage again. Their fix is to replace everything from fuel lines, pumps, injectors, and everything in between. A whole new fuel system. Standard Audi fix as I have researched. Neither being mechanically let alone diesel inclined, we have come to a point in time where we shall part ways and I am reaching out here to see if anyone is interested in her. Maybe you can fix her or use her as a donor. She is located in Scottsdale, Az and is obviously not drivable. I have all records since ownership and even the dealership parts list for this problem.

Have title, so make me an offer and she’s yours.