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This is my first posting.
I bought the car 4 years ago and drove it 30k miles with no issue.
Last week the idle started going up and down when starting the car.
Took it to the dealer. Dealer diagnostic service determined "valve cover pcv valve leaking".
Dealer recommended replacing the valve cover ( dealer won't sell just the valve) and gasket at a cost of $1,745 parts & labour.
I choose to "DIY" .
I got information on this forum just to replace the valve membrane using "RKX TECH" valve Diaphram.
After removing the intake, ignition coils, valve cover and replaced the torn Diaphragm.
I found oil in the Throttle body cleaned it and put every thing back.
The idle is still acting up and now I have "EPC" & "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" on the display.
I have ordered a brand new "valve cover" from FCP Euro. Changed everything back including new sparkplugs.
I still have "EPC" flashing & "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT".
I have "CR Plus Scanner" and the "DTC" won't go away after clearing codes.
Help with the posted picture. Look at the part with the 3 screws. What is it called.
I took it apart when I disassembled the intake.


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The part in question is marked in blue


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I have the same car & did same PCV valve change a year ago. The risk areas of CEL happening are mostly electronic. In my case the oil flooded one of the ignition coils, giving rise to ignition fault code, thorough cleaning fixed it. I have a proper VCDS to diagnose.

In your case, you are guided to borrow or find a proper scan tool. VCDS is minimum to give a more elaborate study.
Without that, a pointless wild goose chase....
Thank you. As you have suggested, I looked at the throttle body for anything unusual, took out the intake manifold and coils and checked some of air hoses. I found the wire connectors to the ignition coils were pretty bad (damaged). I've changed the 2 worst ignition coil wire connectors. I've put the intake manifold and coils back and test drove it. The throttle response became very bad. I drove it hard hoping the throttle body will correct itself. The check engine light went away but "EPC" light remained.
I run "carsoft " again and found cylinder 1 & 6 misfire detected. Cylinder 1 & 6 ignition coil wire connectors were what I've changed.
I guess I did not do a good job (those wire connectors were a pain to work on). I have ordered these 2 ignition coil wire connectors and cheapest one that will work on the Touareg are $32 each at "CFP EURO". I will work on the car over the weekend, hopefully for the last time!
Thanks. I'm definitely going to buy the VCDS then. I've worked on all my cars in the past (BMW & Benz). The Toureg was my favorite. I hope it will remain that way.
Thank for the information regarding the ignition coil wire connector. I will head over to VW dealer and buy some more.
Thank you again for information to let me know what the part I have circled on the picture works and that it is a valve that moves a flap in the manifold that makes the intakes longer or shorter. Yesterday I watched the mechanism work through the little hole on the top (while asking my wife to sit inside the car and asked her to press the the gas).
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