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This sounds like a DPF that has failed and coolant is going down the exhaust pipe so you won't see any leaks. It's not an uncommon problem and, if you have no warranty, it's not cheap. -noobytology

Hey Noob, I have a 2014 3.0 TDI Treg. Overheated on a long climb in eastern sierras Dec2018...ever since I've been chasing my tail with slow coolant loss and no sign of it anywhere. Is this an internal head gasket leak or due the DPF like you stated above?

It overheats on a long drive (3+hrs) and I go into a vacuume lock but it cools down fast and drives normal after refilling. Holds pressure in reservoir. Appears to boil when in overheat. Leaks fluid under reservoir when I'm opening cap to depressurize.

First time this happened at 99,000miles. I reported to dealer and they act stumped.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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