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waslove. Unless you are living in an area with the softest 10% of water in the world... flush it out with the distilled water and refill correctly. The minerals commonly found in drinking water do not play nice with the long term health of your antifreeze, which leads to eventual engine problems.


Silverbullets. Something is up. That is too many water pumps and I now worry that you have a leak somewhere else in the engine. You need a coolant system pressure test done.

Have you had any problems with the oil level? What does the bottom of the oil filler cap look like? If you do your own oil changes, what does the used oil look like?

Also, I would get a oil analysis done at the next oil change. You need to be looking for any unusual wear metals and especially the amount of water / antifreeze contamination in the oil.

Even if the dealer does the oil change, you can get them to collect a sample of oil. Google Blackstone Labs Oil Analysis.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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