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As of 4/4/2017 my 2014 VW TDI Touareg had 46,902 miles. I purchased it brand new in the middle 2014. After spending approximately 1 hour on the phone with VW America, they informed me the High pressure fuel pump IS covered up to 60,000 miles, but only that part. After the local dealership had my truck for AN ENTIRE WEEK, they called to let me know it was the "auxiliary fuel pump" and THAT is NOT covered. Approximately $1000.00 for the repair. This just doesn't sound right. Can anyone offer some additional input on the matter? Thanks in advance!

If any of you are unable to see or hear the video I posted, you can hear a high pitched humming/buzzing sound coming from the rear undercarriage of the vehicle. - HERE IS THE VIDEO I RECORDED FROM MY CELL PHONE.

P.S. I have added (the proper amounts of) "Stabil" diesel fuel treatment in EVERY tank I have filled up in this Touareg since I bought it brand new. I used the same Stabil in my TDI Passat with no issues! :(
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