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2014 Volkswagen Touareg VR6 3.6l Executive
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Coolant warning light came on. Temp guage was reading maxed out. so I pulled over immediately and looked under hood. coolant level was fine, and no signs of overheated engine. Turned car back on and temp gauge was back to normal (200) and no warning light. Took car into VW dealer and fault code P017B came up which was Engine Temp regulator, temp sensor range/performance. Cooling system was pressure tested and no issues. Tech also removed coils, plugs, and inspected for leaks and everything was fine. Tech performed test plan on fault and found the engine temp regulator sensor to be internally faulty. They ordered part 03H-919-501-A (03H919501A). Didn't see much on here for this part and on said this part was for 2011 Touareg and that it wasn't a fit for my 2014. Anyway theirs a ton of stuff about coolant sensors 06A919501A so just wondering if anyone had any experience with this. Engine temp sensor has a number G694 on invoice. Searched that and saw a forum about another sensor, G92. I'm guessing one is the coolant temp sensor and the other is the engine cylinder head temperature sensor. Sucks I was hoping to leave town this weekend but don't think I should with a faulty sensor. I really think the engine temp is normal and just a faulty sensor but take a big chance on engine actually overheating and not knowing it. Thanks for your help!
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