Hey guys, kind of just testing the waters here as I am not sure if I can find a competent mechanic to do the engine work needed.

Has ~235k 90% highway miles

This Touareg was purchased new by my father who drives for a living, it racked up 185k miles in the 5 or so years he owned it and was serviced exclusively by the dealership (have about $30k in receipts if it gets that far).

I've owned it for a few years now and hadnt had any issues other than the wheel speed sensors failing one at a time (had all 4 replaced after the 2nd one failed) - the other morning (day after a long trip where it ran fine) I went to start it and got a check coolant light. It started idling rough soon after so I shut it down. From my research it appears this is a known issue on the forums due to a valve near the EGR cooler leaking (only a few hundred $ in parts but labor intensive)

Since it also has a loose wastegate on the turbo (if going uphill for example and lagging the engine it will kind of stutter - easily avoided by leaving it in S mode or letting it boost up), and the timing chain slack/tensioner on some cold starts (probably 3 out of 5 cold starts), in addition to this new issue and because I cant seem to find any TDI gurus in my area I have contemplated putting an entirely new engine in it and still may, but wanted to test the waters here first.

The good:

  • Extensive service history including AT fluid change
  • Never towed anything but an 800lb jet ski trailer for a short trip
  • Full ceramic window tint (50% windshield)
  • JR Auto Stage 2 + Buzzken DPF/SCR delete
  • Original factory Windshield with no cracks
  • Brakes/Tires have plenty of life left
The bad:

  • Needs engine overhaul
  • Puppy chewed passenger rear seat belt
  • Small tear in driver's side rear door
  • Small rock chips
  • Some clear coat scratches
  • Small dent on quarter panel

It wasn't washed or detailed prior to taking these pictures

Happy to answer any questions or get any other pictures

Thanks for looking