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2013 T3 - lights up, doesn't start

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As the title states, I've got a 2013 T3 V6. It lights up when the key goes in and is turned. The fuel pump primes. The starter, however, does not engage. I've checked the fuse for the starter, it is good. At this point the car has been towed to the dealer, but I'm looking for ideas.

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Dead battery. I accidentally discharged my battery last year, overnight, from a Friday to Saturday. Everything you described was the same for me. But I realized it was my fault, I left the door ajar, I was using VAGCOM in the garage, and I intended to come back, forgot, and the interior light, and parking lights (which were on) drained the battery.

After two hours on a charger, it started right up. I hope it's just that for you. Batteries can only be expected to last about 5 years. Sometimes less in severe duty (really cold or really hot) conditions. I am going to replace mine next Fall before the winter strikes. Fortunately for me, I have a 100 amp load tester, and a hydrometer, and optical refractometer. This is because I own a travel trailer and have to care for two 6 volt golf cart batteries. My charged Touareg battery measured fine after a full charge (later that weekend I put it on the charger overnight to make sure it was 100%).
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